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Void Protocol is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This means true success requires community interaction and governance participation, which also helps the parameters of the platform become fine-tuned over time. The governance pools propose and vote on changes, but the ideas are formed and tuned within the community. We encourage constructive discussion and hope the community shares in the vision for Void Protocol.

DAO: Coming soon!!

Get Involved?

Got skills? Void Protocol is currently and will be looking to fill many positions, some held within the community. Currently we are on the look out for:
If you think you've got something to bring to the table, DM us on Twitter, send us a message on Discord or email us at [email protected], otherwise keep an eye on this space for ways in which you can be rewarded for your skills and involvement.

Team/ Advisors

Bitsquid - Project Coordinator

Studied computer science in university. Always had an interest in emerging technologies and innovation, Bitsquid discovered the crypto space in early 2017 and has forever been a follower and believer, constantly studying the innovation in the field. Upon finding DeFi it was clear this would be a huge focus. Previously worked for a large corporation in technical sales and management, so the benefits of transparency and decentralization cannot be understated.

Cryptic - Design/Marketing & Admin

Was studying Finance in university until the end of last year. His studies are on hold due to the early interest in Void and the workload that followed. Been involved in DeFi for nearly two years, Bitsquid in fact convinced him it would be worth allocating his time and energy into the space. Now it is all his time is spent on.

Gungod - Lead Developer

Full Stack Software Engineer with 7 years of experience. Excellent project management skills and liaison between mangement, design and engineering. Developed robust and stable Ruby on Rails/Django-based applications with JavaScript-based front-end frameworks (React, Next.js, React Native, Angular, Vue Redux, Flux). Working as blockchain developer for the last 4 years and has launched DeFi applications and NFT marketplaces.

Fonkey - Front-end Developer

Fonkey majored in software engineering and earned a bachelor's degree in university. He has worked as a full stack developer for a decade, mainly focusing on frontend development along with some backend. He gained an interest in blockchain technology in 2018 and self-studied learning how to build smart contracts and integrate them on the frontend side. He has good experience building up DeFi Dapps, passionately enjoys working on cutting edge technologies and loves solving difficult challenges.

HadesBlades - Back-end Developer (Fullstack)

Full-stack developer with a demonstrated history of working in consumer electronics and the blockchain industry. Passionate about diverse challenges and new ideas. Skilled in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Python, Rust and Solidity. Strong education with a qualification focused on Software Engineering.

Gretskies - Community Manager

Has been floating around the crypto space since 2018. Over a decade of experience in sales and customer service. Is passionate about technology and a better financial future. Outgoing and loves a good chat about Void.


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