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Reward System

Whilst funds are stored in the Void Anonymity Pools, they will be deployed into yield bearing strategies whilst also earning Void rewards. To obfuscate the rewards, Void will be using a reward point system, users will earn Void Points (VP's) whilst they have funds deposited into either of the VAP's; this is similar to Tornado Cash's method (Anonymity Mining). Depending on which pool you deposit into will decide which VP's you will receive, shown below. This is due to the variable earning strategies either pool can have, e.g. Osmo deposits won't be earning the yield from the Atom strategy and vice versa.
  • Osmo = Osmo-VP
  • Atom = Atom-VP
Each pool will earn a set amount of VP per block therefore the points you earn will be a fluctuating number which will depend on the overall volume of deposits in the pool. For example, if the $OSMO pool has 100,000 $OSMO in TVL and your deposit is 1,000 $OSMO (1% of the pool), you now earn 1% of this pool's rewards. If the pool is paying out 1 000 OSMO-VP* per block you now earn 10 OSMO-VP per block. *Numbers for example only
Once you earn OSMO-VP you will be able to redeem them for $OSMO and $VOID, which can be withdrawn into a nominated wallet*. The gas is then paid through a gas relay system, which is done to avoid being identified via the rewards claimed. *It is advised to use a different wallet to your VAP withdrawal wallet to add an extra layer of security. Note: The Reward Mechanism is still open to change before full implementation.