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Void Protocol will be built In three phases. This is because some functionalities of the platform will take longer to implement perfectly, but we want to enable core functionality in the meantime.

Phase 1:

The focus of this phase is to bring the Void Anonymity Pools live. This will include our ZK-SNARK library and all of the other foundational smart contracts needed for the base platform, ensuring we can build the key product in an efficient manner while maintaining maximum security and usability.
Another important focus in this stage will be the rewards on the platform and utilizing the capital efficiently to effectively minimize the opportunity cost for the users. This starts by implementing base $VOID rewards for all deposits. Alongside this, we will be implementing reward strategies on each pool - wherever possible. This could include native asset staking which can be achieved by a new feature that Osmosis is currently working on (official yield strategies are yet to be confirmed).
The end of phase 1 will also feature an audit on all of Void's smart contracts. In this stage we will also have the TGE (Token Generation Event) and Airdrop. TGE and the Airdrop will be an important goal during this phase, it's important to us to have a smooth and fair launch out of the love and respect we have for this community.

Phase 2:

In this phase, we will already have a platform built to be used as an opt-in privacy service, and it will be time to create the infrastructure of the DAO and to expand on the decentralization of Void Protocol. This will enable governance stakers to become the real mind behind the platform, highlighting the voice of those invested in the future of the DAO and the future of Void Protocol.

Phase 3:

In this stage the main focus will be collaboration and interoperability. The Void platform will be shaped with this in mind. There are a number of projects/protocols in the Cosmos which we can see Void working with or even utilizing for yield or rewards for the VAPs. Giving every protocol the opportunity to provide anonymity to their users is a big goal for us at Void. We will take a number of steps to enable maximum collaboration, including moving to open-source during this phase.


While our complete focus is on the above phases it doesn't mean that there are not further plans for Void Protocol. Much of the continuation will be in the hands of the DAO by this stage but we would see ourselves working alongside the DAO to build on, or promote building on, Void through grants and other resources.