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$VOID Value Accrual

The Void token at its core is a governance utility token which will offer a voice in the future of the DAO. Additionally Void Protocol will have mechanisms in place to reward committed $VOID holders and DAO participants.
While utilizing various yield bearing strategies, a small percentage, initially set to 5%, will be used to buy $VOID from the market to reward to governance stakers. Any other strategies implemented for additional pools will also pay a small percentage to the Void governance.
An active user of the protocol is incentivized to hold void tokens to avoid the withdrawal fee from the anonymity pools, this will be set at 10,000 $VOID staked in the governance which will waive the 0.5% withdrawal fee (both these numbers can be changed by the DAO). We are constantly thinking of other ways to add value to the $VOID token. After launch, voting in the DAO will be the only way mechanisms like this will be added. An early vote will be held to add a buy back and burn mechanism out of the earnings from the VAP's, it's a very popular method value accrual method amongst blockchain projects but it's actual effectiveness is sometimes debated.