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Move to Osmosis

Void Protocol always was planned to be built upon the Terra network, utilizing many aspects of it, including UST and Anchor Earn. The downfall of Terra was a shock to us, as we are sure it was to much of our community. After the crash we took some time as a team to weigh up the various options in front of us, including staying and building upon Terra 2.0. In many ways we were lucky it occurred when it did, as we were 1 week away from our WL sale on Terra and less than 1 month away from launching. Had this had happened after this point, we most likely would very limited options for continuation ahead of us. Void decided that the best path forward was to move to another network, and in doing so, we will be reaching our cross-chain goals sooner than initially planned. Void is very happy to now be building upon Osmosis. This will allow us to offer anonymity to all the major tokens in the Cosmos ecosystem via Osmosis.
Void X Osmosis Teaser Image
Osmosis is building a full suite of DeFi products and applications. In the world of DeFi that is still being built, we believe privacy is going to be a much needed product in the space. We are very proud to be the first privacy platform planned to fill this gap on Osmosis. The biggest change in Void Protocol's logic will come from the yield bearing strategies available to us on Osmosis. We are still exploring which ways will be best to utilize the capital within the Void Anonymity Pools. One proposed option is to allow for native staking while assets are anonymizing, however Void will continue to research the options.