Void governance participation via staking in the governance pool.

Why Stake Void?

7% of Void tokens are reserved for the governance pool, which will be paid out over 6 years.
The 0.5% base withdrawal fee from the Void Anonymity Pool after covering gas costs through the relay setup, will be paid directly to the Void governance stakers.
Starting at 5%, a portion of the yield earned from the VAPs will be used to buy $VOID from the market to reward governance stakers.
The staking of >10,000 $VOID in the governance pool will waive the 0.5% withdrawal fee for Void Anonymity Pool users.


The DAO governance will be able to vote on many elements of the platform. Initially many of the variables will be highly controlled for the success and usability of the platform, but over time the span and magnitude of the DAO will grow.
Governance will be able to vote on many options, things including but not limited to;
  • Size of deposits
  • Yield Governance %
  • LP rewards vs Void Anonymity Pool rewards
  • Alternative VAP earn strategies
  • Minimum staked $VOID required to waive fees
  • DAO fund usage
  • Base withdrawal fee
Once the DAO has been implemented, all future outcomes will be proposed through the DAO and must pass a vote to proceed. All the variables of the platform will be open to discussion or a vote. We foresee variables having a maximum margin they can be changed by each vote, along with a cooldown for each, this will help maintain balance and stability for platform users. More on the DAO structure will come in the later phases.